The SECURE Act: The IRA Stretch is NOT Dead!

But Many of Your Clients Will Need to Change Their Estate Plans The Stretch is not dead; there’s just no more lifetime Stretch. I’m an optimist :) A retirement plan can be stretched for 10 years at the most. That is, a non-spouse beneficiary (e.g. a child) has to withdraw the entire amount WITHIN 10 YEARS. Technically, there is now only 1 RMD – in year 10. However, there are exceptions known as an Eligible Designated Beneficiary or “EDB” and below are some of those who can still use their life expectancies to calculate RMDS for the Stretch: Spouse (full stretch) Minors/Young Adult Children (partial stretch) Disabled/Chronically ill (full stretch) Individual no more than 10 years young t

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