Don’t Put Off ‘Til Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Why It’s Time to Talk with Your Family & Your Estate Planning Attorney There’s no perfect time to broach the subject of estate planning with your family. We all know that everyone passes away eventually, but many of us often want to conveniently forget that reality. Faced with the decision between taking the initiative to start a family discussion about estate planning and putting it off until later, most people are more inclined to the latter. But that means opening your family up to some really unpleasant consequences in the future. That is why, unpleasant as it may seem at first, the perfect time to schedule your family meeting is now. The Short and Long-Term Value of Calling a Family Mee

SC Lottery Winner!

Justin Hamrick was recently interviewed regarding legal advice for the winner of the $1.6 Billion lottery. Click on the link below:

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